Copy-editing, proofreading and rewriting

We copy-edit and proofread all types of documents, including theses, articles, reports, presentations, proposals, user manuals, books, magazines, newsletters, e-books, e-zines, e-newsletters, blogs, and marketing materials.


In some instances, texts require input that is beyond copy-editing, usually involving substantial rewording and restructuring. This is referred to as rewriting.

Design and typesetting

Writeart offers a design and typesetting service for writers and publishers.  These services enable writers and publishers to have their books copy-edited, proofread, designed, typeset and converted to e-book format, all in one place.


Included in the publication design and typesetting service offered is the production of book covers.


WriteArt offers a copy-editing and proofreading course as well as a nonfiction writing course. For information on our courses, see the Courses page.

Each of the above services has its own web page, which you can access from the Services tab in the menu, above.

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