The WriteArt mission is to provide a top-quality service to individuals, companies and other organizations in the area of publishing in all media.


WriteArt is directed by founder Russell de la Porte, assisted by a core group of contractors and subcontractors. This core group is supplemented when required by additional contractors, subcontractors, and associates.

All subcontractors have completed 
training in the WriteArt methodology, systems and processes, in addition to having completed the relevant WriteArt core course, either the Electronic Copy-editing and Proofreading Course or the Empower Yourself through Writing Course.

Further, all subcontracted work is quality controlled by Russell. Associations entered into are bound by shared values, primary of which is a commitment to quality. 


Russell de la Porte founded WriteArt in 2004. Prior to this, Russell had held editorial and management posts on trade and professional publications, and had worked as a freelance writer, copy-editor and proofreader. 


He has also taught English as a foreign language at all levels. His experience
includes the following:

  • Copy-editing of various text types, including newsletters, magazines, websites, and academic articles and theses (at honours, master’s and PhD levels)
  • Writing of advertising copy, magazine articles, press releases and copy for newsletters and websites
  • Document layout and production of books and electronic media, such as e-newsletters and websites.

Written testimonials are available on request.

Electronic Copy-editing & Proofreading course

I have just completed the WriteArt copy-editing and proofreading online course. I found setting up the course and access to the necessary information easy and the instructions clear. The content of the course was comprehensive, helpful and informative. The prescribed text book 'The Natural Creative Process in Writing' was not only useful for the course but also for my own writing. Russell was friendly, helpful and instructive in the feedback sessions. I would definitely recommend this course for someone interested in going into copy-editing.

Dr Glynis Parker
Course Graduate – 20 December 2016

Electronic Copy-editing & Proofreading Course

I found this course very helpful, particular in terms of thinking about the process of writing and copy-editing. It’s made me more aware of how I proofread texts and what kind of steps I take to ensure my job is done properly. It’s also prompted me to think about the writing process differently, something that has made writing feel more approachable for me. Russell was incredibly helpful and understanding which made the process easier and far less stressful than it could have been.

Justine Kerford
Course Graduate – 3 May 2017

Electronic Copy-editing course & Proofreading course

This is a very serious course that made me realize the importance of having to develop a good command of grammar. The course is very comprehensive, and it requires grit, perseverance and commitment of time and resources on the part of the student. What I also liked about taking this course was the fact that the tutor was always available to offer assistance and encouragement, and he responded to queries promptly.

Course Graduate – 7 December 2017
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