Text Aide

We copyedit and proofread all types of texts. Some examples are theses, articles, reports, presentations, proposals, user manuals, books, magazines, newsletters, e-books, e-zines, e-newsletters, blogs, and marketing materials.

Copyediting entails checking the following: spelling, punctuation, grammar, wordiness, diction, register, composition, consistency and cross-referencing. If there are inconsistencies – for example, British vs American spelling – a style will be suggested and recorded (and may be applied), either within the document or in a style sheet.

In some instances, texts require input that is beyond copyediting, usually involving substantial rewording and restructuring. This is referred to as rewriting.

Additional services offered are the following:

Text cutting involves cutting the number of words for a given text. An example of where this would be required is a journal article that has to comply with a specified number of words.

Document styling entails applying a particular style to a document, usually specified in a style guide, sometimes called house style.

Document formatting refers to the visual aspects of a document, which may include creating application-specific styles. Other examples of document formatting are alignment, colours, and horizontal and vertical spacing.

Proofreading, in one of its senses, refers to checking to ensure that markups by editors and other parties have been implemented and that no errors have crept in along the way or been missed during the copyediting phase. In another of its senses, has also come to mean a light copyedit.

Quotes are based on a standardized 250-word page or part thereof. This means that you pay only for pages with text and not for space occupied by images. Depending on the client's requirements, WriteArt will also quote by the hour.

Quotes for proofreading are usually based on an estimated number of hours to proofread a document or publication. Depending on clients' requirements, quotes may also be per page. In quoting, the following are taken into consideration: the size and type of your organization; whether your project is ongoing; whether you are a repeat client; and whether you are a student, including whether the copyediting of your text will be sponsored by an organization.

For further information, see the 'Text Aide' page. 

Career Aide

Courses: WriteArt currently offers the Freelance and In-house Copyediting and Proofreading Course.

Training: In addition to the courses currently offered, WriteArt offers customized training and courses on request.

For further information, see the 'Career Aide' page.

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