Earnings possibilities available to copyeditors

In an evolving economic environment worldwide, with outsourcing playing an increasing role, many are seeking additional or alternative income streams. They may wish to supplement an existing income or to replace it altogether. Or they may be considering switching from onsite to remote or virtual work. These considerations may form part of a lifestyle change: for example, a move from the city to the countryside. Another lifestyle change might involve becoming a digital nomad, in so doing, combining work and travel.

Training to become a professional copyeditor and proofreader is one way for those interested in communication and language to adapt to this changing economic environment or to make the lifestyle changes they desire. It may also present an opportunity for those in a reduced-work life phase, for example, those in retirement who may wish to work part-time.

Often people interested in becoming freelance copyeditors and proofreaders choose a reputable course to launch their careers. Good courses mainly cover three areas in-depth: professional approach, language and style. They equip course participants to launch a career, but beyond this, they provide a methodology for lifelong professional development.

Freelance and full-time work opportunities open to trained copyeditors and proofreaders are the following, among others – in the list below, the opportunities, freelance and in-house, are offered by publishing houses, companies, other organisations (e.g universities, cooperatives and nonprofits), and individuals:

  • Copy editing and proofreading of, among others, websites, blogs, newsletters, press releases, manuals, brochures, articles, and papers. 
  • Revising and rewriting of, among others, corporate blogs, press releases, and course materials.
  • Managing brands' language and style, including font types (e.g. Helvetica, Calibri), font styles (bold. Italic), font sizes, language variety (e.g. British vs American English), and spelling (e.g. the -ise vs -ize word endings).

The above opportunities can be accessed directly or through freelance platforms. 

Taking a reputable copyediting course would also enable writers and self-publishers to copy-edit their own texts and publications, enabling them to reduce the scope – and hence cost  – of their outsourced copyediting and proofreading. With their expanded skill sets, they may also be able to supplement their writing and self-publishing income with the additional opportunities available to them.    

Similarly, translators could also benefit from taking a professional copyediting course, which would facilitate the switch from sense to detail and aid them in the 'finishing' stage of their work.

So, if you find the world of words appealing and you wish to expand your professional offering or change the way you work, taking a comprehensive copyediting and proofreading course could be the way to bring about the change you want.

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