The ability to write well will empower you to succeed in all areas of your life.


It does this because our writing projects necessitate research. In turn, research entails reading, and reading often entails language-related research, including using one or more of dictionaries, thesauruses, and language reference works, such as grammar and style dictionaries and guides.


Our writing projects involve developing other skills too. One of these is planning our writing projects – or project management – even if we usually do this informally and unconsciously. Think, for example, of deciding how we will generate ideas, how we will research these, how we will store the information that we gather,  how we will develop our text from our research notes, how we will refine our writing, and finally the process that we will follow to edit our text.


Yet the list of skills we will acquire in the process of learning to write and practice writing does not end there. There are other skills too that are involved in learning to write. When we use language reference works, we develop knowledge of syntax and punctuation, and when we learn to structure our sentences and paragraphs, to choose our words, we are learning how to structure our thinking. We are learning how to reason and argue. This involves developing an understanding of logic and an ability to use logic to achieve the outcomes we desire.


Hence, writing underpins all areas of higher learning and functioning, enabling us to operate in increasingly complex arenas of endeavour. Furthermore, the skills we learn in the process of writing, especially writing for career and professional purposes, include an improved vocabulary and pronunciation, which we naturally apply to our verbal communications, as well as to our reading of increasingly complex documents.


These capacities are noticeable to both our colleagues and those in management roles, positioning us for promotion and advancement in life. Ultimately, this is reflected in our earnings and our lifestyle, indeed, in our wellbeing.


The writing and associated skills described above – and the benefits linked to them – can be yours when you take the Writing for Career and Business Purposes course, now offered online by WriteArt. To register for this course, please visit the WriteArt shop webpage, and take your next big step towards changing the course of your life and increasing your opportunities.

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