Everyone who can write, writes; therefore, everyone who can write is a writer (here writing incorporates typing and text-inputting using a keyboard or other text-inputting methods). We all have written for various reasons, including for planning (grocery lists, daily task lists), discovery (journal writing, noting ideas relating to a project), recording (note-taking during lectures, taking minutes of meetings), communicating (letters of complaint, letters of congratulations), and verbal-art making (poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas, novels, plays).

Everyone also creates. When we create, we participate in a creative process – a natural creative process – and understanding how this process unfolds will allow us to become more effective in all areas of our lives. Furthermore, understanding the creative process as it applies to writing will enable us to use this tool for creating and living the lives we want.

When we have this knowledge, we have powerful tools for living a productive, effective and fulfilled life. If we acquire and start applying this knowledge at high, or secondary school, we will be positioned to leverage it at college or university – our tertiary education – to the satisfaction of our professors, supervisors and other educators. And of course, this satisfaction will reflect back on us, ensuring our success in our studies. We will be able to continue using this knowledge throughout our lives, bringing us meaning, success and, consequently, wellbeing.

This knowledge about the creative process and how it applies to writing is the result of the author's long career as a writer, editor and teacher. Over the last four years, the author has developed and piloted the 'The Natural Creative Process in Writing and Life' course.

This course will be presented on 9, 10 and 16 April 2014 at Alive Café and Creative Experience Hub, in Muizenberg, Western Cape, South Africa. To book your place on this course, email Russell/WriteArt using the links below.

The 'Natural Creative Process in Writing and Life' course is also offered online for those not able to attend the venue-based course.

For venue-based and online course information and bookings, email info@writeart.com.

By Russell de la Porte
email: russell@writeart.com

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